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Business Establishment with Venture Capital

Find money for your business establishment. Venture capital firms, private lenders, investors looking for promising business ideas. Get the best contacts to establish your business with Proma-Investment. Our database comprises thousands of contacts of investors, investment bankers, venture capital firms, VC companies, etc. By registering to our databank you can approach thousands of companies locally and internationally. Find out how to address venture capital firms for start-up financing.
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Business Establishment

Get the best contacts for financing and information sources for your business establishment. Our database contains thousands of valuable contacts. Why is “The #1 Affiliate Reality” true?... Because how you reach your customer, and what you say once you reach her, and how you refer your visitor to your merchant directly affects your visitor’s mindset when she arrives at A positive mindset turns into a purchase with amazing regularity. A negative one is near-impossible to overcome. And that is what “high-CR affiliates” have known all along
Some people e-mail us after reading this course, refusing to believe that we have affiliates who can generate a Conversion Rate (CR) of over 20%. Actually, the monthly record is 26%. Do they do that every month? No. But we know it’s not a fluke. Why? Because, although each affiliate’s CR may fluctuate in any given month, a “high-CR” affiliate does not suddenly become a “low-CR” affiliate. The good ones score high, and make significant dollars, every month. OK. Take a quick stretch and then we’ll continue. 20 Back already? Let’s go... 2.2 PART TWO… PREsell to Convert Your strategies and actions as an affiliate directly affect your Conversion Rate. This section deals with how to PREsell effectively. (Later in the course we will cover traffic-building in more detail.) Let’s look at examples of how “low-CR affiliates” create negative mindsets by making HOW-YOU-REACH, WHAT-YOU-SAY, or HOW-YOU-REFER booboos... 1) How to Reach Your Visitor... Free-For-All Sites (FFAs) are a great example of how not to to reach people. For the most part, they have become so seamy and useless, that no matter what you say, you’re doomed from the start. I made a request to all 5 Pillar Affiliates for FFA success stories some time ago... not a single success story! Compare this with how smart and open-minded your visitor feels when she finds you via a Search Engine!
Never devote your site to one company’s product line. No matter what you do, no matter how sincere you are, this kind of approach always ends up “smelling” like a sales pitch. It simply makes no difference that you honestly love the products -- your visitor will mistake your devotion for selling. Remember they don’t know you!
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