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Are you looking for a new business or do you have a business for sale. At Proma-Investment you will find many contacts of sellers and buyers of companies, business ideas and agents for the sale of a business.

Here you can offer your business for sale or search our database for a new business. Although you will find informations about financing, investments and venture capital.

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Offer your business for sale on Proma-Investment. Get the best contacts to investors and venture capital providers.
It’s far better to develop a concept that relates to that company’s products and to other products from other companies that are complementary. Develop related content that PREsells. Then “get the click” through “in-context” text links. 3) How to Refer Your Visitor to Your Merchant... Banners are the best example of how not to refer your visitor to your merchant (unless it’s for products that you are not so proud to recommend -- a banner is an ad, so you’re not putting your personal endorsement upon it). In plain and simple language... people feel “pitched” when they click on a banner. And people who feel “pitched” are difficult to convert into a deal. Now for a critical ACTION STEP... Review your site or whatever other means you are using to REACH, TALK TO, and REFER visitors to your merchants. Put yourself in your customer’s brain. What will she think, how will she feel, at each of the 3 major steps from above? If you’re doing everything perfectly, congratulations! You must have a high CR. If you don’t have a high CR, or if you see some big mindset mistakes.... Consider how much higher your CR would be if a visitor found you in a bona fide manner (ex., as a result of doing a search on a Search Engine), then became “your friend” (or your “trusting admirer” if you do a truly awesome job!) because you provided excellent content, and finally was led to a context-appropriate recommendation. (There will be more on RECOMMENDATION shortly). The bottom line? Always consider how these actions affect your visitor’s mindset... 1) HOW YOU REACH your visitor, and 2) WHAT YOU SAY to her, and 3) HOW YOU REFER her to your merchant. Get inside your visitor’s head -- realize how she will feel each step of the way. Whatever you do, consider the impact on your visitor -- if it does not make her more “open to buy,” don’t do it. 22 PREselling is really all about selling yourself to your customer, every step of the way. You reach the right folks in a proper fashion, you deliver valuable, appropriate, editorial content, and you recommend visitors to your merchant after they have come to respect and like you. Your CR will soar. Why does PREselling work so well? Because a deal via any Affiliate Program is really a two-step process -- it requires the delivery of two “Most Wanted Responses,” yours and your merchant’s.