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Venture capital firms for start-up financing

You need venture capital to finance your enterprises ? Here you will find venture capital firms for start-up financing, investment companies, private investors, investment banks and bankers and many other useful contacts. Proma-Investment is the right partner to find money for all sorts of enterprise. We mediate money loans from venture capital firms for start-up financing. Find partnerships for your business establishment. Our database comprises thousands of contacts of investors, investment bankers, venture capital firms, VC companies, etc. By registering to our databank you can approach thousands of companies locally and internationally. Find out how to address venture capital firms for start-up financing.
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PREpare not REpair “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) You have just arrived at the most important part of your entire affiliate business. Yes, I know some of you haven’t started yet. And I know you really want to get Going! And yes... Your start will be delayed if you prepare everything before you begin. But once you have completed preparations, you’ll roar ahead. There’ll be nothing to repair or repeat once you launch. *************************************************************** The few hours or so that you spend here, in preparation, will determine exactly how big your success will be. **************************************************************** Most people fail in any business because they don’t plan adequately. That’s three times as true for an Internet business and five times as true for what you are about to do. Here’s why... If you pick the wrong concept, if you develop the wrong topics, if you pick the wrong affiliate programs... You’ll get the wrong results. This part of the Affiliate Masters Course focuses on what you need to do first. It guides you past the barriers and hazards and sets you on the road that is right for you. Your road to success. You are embarking upon a truly rewarding journey. Have no doubts -- this is “winnable” e-commerce. It’s totally under your control. What you are about to read is likely a radical departure from what you have been 33 doing. Take your time and read carefully... receive the key to becoming an Affiliate Master. OK, enough “kung-fu grasshopper” stuff. Back to real-time preparation. You have already started your journey in the right direction by completing the first preparatory step... Understand PREselling and its Effect on Conversion Rates (DAY 1) This step is the foundation for all future actions. There are two more prep steps... • Brainstorm Your Site Concept (DAY 2) Brainstorm a high-potential idea. Discover the best “site concepts” for you. Then narrow it down to the one with the most potential. Remember... it takes just as much time to build a low-potential business as a high-potential one. So invest the time now to maximize your returns later. • Develop HIGH PROFITABILITY topics (DAY 3) Develop hundreds of possible Keyword-Focused topics for your concept, then narrow them down to the ones with the most profitability. Relax, it’s a snap once I introduce you to a few Net tools. And then it’s on to the final preparatory step... • Grow, Prune and Group Best Affiliate Programs (DAY 4) Here’s where it starts to get fun. Based on the concept and topics that you developed, pick the affiliate programs that excite you and that fit your concept.

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