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How to commercialize a patent ?

You had a good idea and need a patent or you got one already. But how to commercialize your patent. You need capital to capitalize the patent and make money out of it. Check out the database of Proma-Investment for appropriate partners.

Here you will find thousands of contacts to venture companies, investors, vc firms and other useful sources. Tell us exactly what you need and we will mediate contacts to potential partners, who can help you to commerzialize your patent.

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Youíve forgotten more about some things than other folks will ever know.Ē Call friends. Ask your kids. Phone your parents or your siblings. Or anyone else who can jog your memory. Itís so easy to miss what others see. Your mission, should you decide to accept it (!), and it is not as easy as it sounds, is to find a subject that you really know and like. commercialize preparation of business plan get the right business partner
Take your time on this -- the final concept will, after all, form the foundation for your affiliate business. So, now that you have read this far, REview all the above brain-stimulators with pen and paper (or keyboard) in hand. Write down concepts as they hit you -- make as long a list as you can. Donít censor yourself. Just write down ideas for Site Concepts as they occur. Next, pick the three concepts that you love the most and that you think would have some appeal for others -- this is your ďshort listĒ of Site Concepts. Remember... if a concept really turns you on, you wonít be working. Youíll be playing. So focus on topics that you love. You are now at a critical LOOP POINT. What do I mean by that? Well, at this point, there is no way to tell you which Site Concept to pick. Hereís why... You definitely know which Site Concept excites you the most, but you have no idea which one is most profitable. You do not have enough information yet. So... Simply start with the Site Concept that excites you the most. As you accumulate more information during DAYS 2, 3, and 4, grow your concept so that you maximize its profit potential. For example, letís say that your passion is the Renaissance artist, Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510), a highly individual and graceful artist who fell out of fashion and died in obscurity. (Hey, in art, ya gotta be good to die broke!) Itís your passion to give this man his due on the Net. At first glance, the focus is rather narrow. It might be difficult to develop enough HIGH-PROFITABILITY topics to attract sufficient traffic (DAY 3). And there may not be many affiliate programs to develop a good income stream
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